We're glad you're here and believe that once you've toured our site, you'll be confident that you've arrived in the right place, at the right time, with the right company. So take your time, look around, and ask us questions if you have them. The Unclaimed Advantage team wants to be your advocate, in your corner, working on your behalf, to help you get what is rightfully yours. That is our goal and intention. And if graced with that privilege, be assured that we will work diligently to deliver the end result you not only deserve, but to which you are legally entitled.   

Unclaimed Advantage Advantages

We Find Funds


Unclaimed Advantage is an Asset Recovery Organization with expertise in locating and securing the release of dormant, abandoned, financial assets and/or unclaimed money held by private and public trust accounts.  We assist estate heirs, private parties and organizations of various sizes, to successfully reclaim missing money they were unaware existed.  Funds may have become “lost” as a result of the entity issuing the funds, maintaining an inaccurate, outdated or incomplete mailing address for you. If you changed your name, relocated to another state or simply experienced other distracting factors, these could be reasons you have  not been contacted about your unclaimed property.   

Show Me the Missing Money


Unclaimed Advantage works with select individuals we believe are due significant outstanding funds that have already been identified. Being the asset has remained unclaimed, you are most likely unaware of your entitlement. Unfortunately, there is no requirement for the entity holding the funds to make any additional effort to return these monies to you; therefore, it is not likely that you would locate or recover this asset without the assistance of a recovery professional. If you were able to determine where the payment was originating, most people do not have the time, resources and/or the understanding of the intricate procedures required to claim their funds without professional assistance. 

The Best Step to Get Your Check


Claims can be complex and asset holders and/or government agencies can raise stumbling blocks which can impede successful asset recovery. Claims may require probate of an estate or a judicial determination to secure orders from courts or local governments for release of these funds. Or documents, required to prove ownership, may need to be located. We understand the nuances of the asset recovery process and have the knowledge, expertise and professional staff to handle each step. Our solutions streamline and expedite the process essential to reuniting you with your lost monies. To that end we encourage you or a trusted adviser to contact us today.  

About Unclaimed Advantage